Space Ranger
by Pivotal Action

Space Ranger

We provide you the end-to-end tools needed to connect your mobile apps, managed content + media, & physical location.

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SpaceRanger is a set of tools and cloud services that connect mobile users to content and physical location using BlueTooth Low Energy (Apple calls them iBeacons).

Using cues from beacons in the room, SpaceRanger syncs with the cloud to deliver valuable content, informational, and interactive experiences to your customers. As a publisher, you can specify what content is available to users in different locations, when they exit, and when they leave.

Why it's important?

SpaceRanger aids user engagement (fancy speak for loyalty, satisfaction, and involvement) with your products and services. That's better for your business, and better for the user. Who doesn't like a win-win?

We provide

awesome tools

Ranger SDK

We provide a simple SDK that makes it dead simple to start working with beacons. With our sample apps, you're almost ready to ship.

Ranger Cloud

Ranger Cloud is your content delivery network. Log in, add content, and let Ranger do the rest.

Ranger Beacon

Our beacons are designed to work seamlessly with the SpaceRanger ecosystem. The Ranger SDK even lets you turn iOS devices into virtual beacons!

Bright idea

Get Started

This is the easy part. Sign up for an account and download the SDK. To grease the skids a bit, we'll give you free source code demos you can use.

Don't have the iBeacon hardware yet? No problem - keep reading. The whole thing really works best with the dedicated iBeacons, BUT you're in luck. The Ranger SDK lets you turn any iOS7 device into a virtual beacon.

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